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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal in Miami

CRC Tattoo Removal in Miami! Finally, it’s here! CRC Tattoo removal is a very mild but effective way to remove old- stubborn permanent makeup. No Laser No Pain No Skin damage. Set up an appointment with J.Chanel in the Downtown Miami Studio for Tattoo removal. Each case is different. A consultation is required for some sessions and pricing. Tattoo Removal is a method of tattoo and PMU ink extraction which is designed to remove tattoo and PMU ink pigments from the body. CRC is a specially formulated solution that bonds with the original pigment and draws it to the skin surface. Some treatments are normally required to obtain the best possible results. After the treatment course is finished the skin will require a period to recover. J.Chanel is the only certified tech CRC Tattoo Removal in Miami.


Tattoo Removal Procedure Time

A total of 1.5hrs


Tattoo Removal Healing Time

3 weeks


24hrs Before Procedure

No alcohol or blood Thinner medication to avoid bleeding.



Mandatory 3 week touchup.

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