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Lip Blush

Lip Blush Miami

Lip Blush is done at our Downtown Miami studio. Lip Blush is a beauty technique that leaves a semi-permanent color on the lips. Lip blush is a procedure that is for all types; light and dark lips. If you have darker melanin in your lips, no problem…J.Chanel will Neutralize the lips first, then add the customize color of your choice. If you have lighter lips, no problem. J.Chanel will customize a great pick to make your lips stand out. Lip Blush is painless. Lips will swell for up to 2 days. Our Lip Blush colors range from Miami Pink to Rouge Red.


Procedure Time

A total of 2.5hrs


24hrs before Procedure

No alcohol or blood Thinner medication to avoid bleeding.



Up to 2 years with mandatory 5-week touchup.


Immediately after procedure

Drink with straw no smoking or fade quicker

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