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Microblading in Miami

Studio J.Chanel is the number 1 studio for Microblading in Miami. There are so many places that do microblading in Miami, but is the best microblader in Miami and all of South Florida. J.Chanel is skilled in many brow techniques but microblading is the first brow technique that she ever mastered.  Microblading entails the use of micro-blades, which are dipped into a pigment that has been matched to natural hair color and skin tone and is then glided along the brow. Microblading is very popular in Miami, but due to the humid weather, oily skin clients are required to have more touch-ups so the hair strokes will last longer in the skin.


Microblading Procedure Time

A total of 2.5hrs


Microblading Healing Time

2 weeks


24hrs Before Procedure

No alcohol or blood Thinner medication to avoid bleeding.



up to 2 years with mandatory 5 week touchup. Oily skin fades quicker. Due to the humidity, the Microblading in Miami may fade quicker.

Microblading in miami.JPG
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