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What is the difference between Microblading and Nano Brows? aka Nanoblading

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Can you believe that Permanent Makeup has been around for over 5000 years?!! Yes, 5000 years! Permanent makeup has been dated back to Egyptian women creating permanent eyeliner or creating eyebrows with color dye pigment. Dated back to the beginning of time, makeup was used to enhance features or to be appealing towards the naked eye and still is today. Beauty trends from Egyptian women are currently being used as we speak! Like the winged eyeliner, beauty moles, or dramatically shaped eyebrows. How cool is this fact that we can travel back in history to get makeup and beauty tips from a cultural era?! Of course, some trends are just dated and left only for that particular time. (Like the 20s thin high arch brow :) Fortunately for us, 5000 years later, we have changed permanent makeup into modern-realistic works of art. And not just for women but for all. Currently, the top 2 brows trends are Nano Brows and Microblaing.

When I first started as a permanent makeup artist, the techniques were too heavy, the eyebrow was too dark and never fades away. Pigments were so strong it was basically like tattoo body ink going into the brows for shading. I was young in my early 20s when I started PMU. I wanted to discover a way to make my friends love it. At the time, only older women that lost their brow hair were the only people raving about it. I looked towards Europe. The best eyebrow artist worked in Europe producing the most natural eyebrows I have ever seen in PMU. It was Microblading.

First, Microblading was introduced to me. Microblading is a permanent makeup procedure done on eyebrows to create hair stroke lines to mimic real eyebrow hair. These hair strokes are created with a handheld pen-like tool with 12-17 blades attached to the bottom. The blades are used to “scratch” the surface of the skin while adding brow color. This is how the hair strokes are created. “Scratching” the surface of the skin with the blades has an effect on the skin and the longevity of the pigment staying in the skin. This is why Microblading typically only lasts in the skin for 6months-1year. A retouch touch is required and is mandatory 5 weeks after the first initial procedure. The touch-up is the same scratching technique and adds more pigment. After a while, too much Microblading can cut deep into the skin and can cause permanent damage. Microblading artist has to be very skilled at this procedure. Maintaining steady hand pressure is the key to reframing from going too deep and damaging the skin.

Over the recent years, I have seen Microblading artist perfect their craft and design the most amazing brow designs, but with the scratching of the skin, the question arises. Is Microblading safe for the skin?

Within the last 5 years, nano brows have surfaced and are the new trendy procedure. It is also blowing Microblading out of the park! Nanoblaing is similar to Microblaing. Nano also creates hair strokes just as Microblading does. Nano also requires a mandatory retouch in 5 weeks after the first initial procedure. Nano brow procedure is done with high-quality digital tattoo machines. Nanobalding is performed with one needle. The Nanoneedle. The Nanoneedle is the thinnest, most flexible needle on the market. It creates the most realistic hair strokes. The digital device is safer for the skin. The device helps push the pigment in the skin without damage like cutting or scrapping. Due to the device pushing the pigment in at high speed. It assures the pigment will last longer in the skin without fading quicker, unlike Microblading.

So what is the difference between Microblading and Nanoblading? The difference is in the tools used and the technique. Nanoblaing is a slow 3-hour procedure. Microblaing takes 2 hours. The nano digital machine helps push the pigment into the skin at high or low speeds. The artist has to maintain very slow movement with light hand pressure. The digital device does the majority of the work. This technique helps pack more pigment into the skin hair strokes rather than scratching the hairlines with ink in Microblading. In Microblading, the artist has to maintain a steady hand while trying to control the “scratching” with the blades on the skin, and doing this to a TEE to prevent the skin from getting damaged. Due to more pigment entering into the skin with the nanodevice, Nano brows tend to last longer than Microblading. Nano Brows longevity 2-3 years. Microblading longevity 6months - 1 year.

Both Microblading and Nano are gorgeous brow techniques. However, If not done correctly, Micoblading could be damaging to your skin over time. It is still a beautiful procedure that I love to do for clients. However, I have trained abroad with the best nanomachine artist and I am so impressed with the results. I stand by its beautiful procedure and its safety qualities. Nano gives a more natural finish and is painless…That’s right painless. If you have more questions about nano brow or Microblading or want to know more about which technique is right for you, give us a call at the Studio. 786-505-0577. See you soon.

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