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Natural Ombré Brows

Ombre Eyebrows

Natural Ombré Brows is shading the eyebrows with pigment. Studio J.Chanel is the best place for ombre brows in Miami because her technique is so soft and natural. In this technique, J.Chanel focuses on shading the brows and matching the pigment color perfectly to your skin tone to create a soft balance, avoiding too harsh or too dark eyebrows. Ombré brows is a top brow trend in Miami because it’s a good choice for oily skin and the humid weather. Unlike Microblading or Nanoblading, the shading will last longer than hair strokes on oily skin. After healing, eyebrows are left with the illusion that they are penciled-in. J.Chanel does the best Natural Ombré brows in Miami.


Ombre/Powder Procedure Time

A total of 2.5 hours


24hrs before Procedure

No alcohol or blood Thinner medication to avoid bleeding.



up to 2 years with mandatory 5 week touchup. oily skin fades quicker. Due to the humidity, the ombre brow in Miami may fade quicker.

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