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Nano Brow / NanoBlading

Nano Brow / Nanoblading in Orlando

Nano blading is the new hottest brow trend in Orlando.  At Studio J.Chanel PMU you will get the best Nano brow and Nanoblading in Orlando and all of South Florida. Nanoblading is an upgrade from Microblading because it’s safer on the skin. The nano needle is the thinnest most flexible needle on the market. It creates the most realistic hair strokes for more fuller and natural eyebrows. Microblading and Nanobalding both create hair stokes, but nanoblading is longer lasting and painless. That’s right painless!! It’s done with a smart device that helps push pigment into the skin creating a luxurious fuller brow. J.Chanel is the top Nanoblader in Orlando. She studied and mastered nano techniques abroad in Brazil and Amsterdam. Nanoblading is a very detailed procedure.


Nanoblading Procedure Time

A total of 3hrs


Nanoblading Healing Time

2 weeks


24hrs Before Procedure

No alcohol or blood Thinner medication to avoid bleeding.



up to 2 years with mandatory 5-week touchup. Oily skin fades quicker. Due to the humidity, the nano brow in Orlando may fade quicker.

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